Who is Oma?

Born and raised in Liebefeld, Switzerland, which translates into ‘field of love’, Oma lived with her parents and 3 sisters in a home that also was home to ‘Restaurant Liebefeld’  in the 1940’s. After growing up and learning the restaurant business, Oma graduated school, and then travelled Switzerland working in other restaurants. She decided to move to Canada in May of 1965, marrying shortly after and buying a farm which was her husband’s dream. Oma had a large garden. She cooked, baked and experimented in making the best salad dressing she could, which quickly became known as ‘Oma’s Famous Salad Dressing’ to family and friends. To this day everybody still enjoys that salad dressing and she hopes you will too.

Now, her son Richard and his wife Julie have answered the call in Summerland, British Columbia to take Oma’s dressing to market, based on the raving fans (friends and family) that have urged them to do so for many years.  People tasting the dressing for the first time usually respond with “Oh my goodness!” and so, ‘Oma Goodness!’ was born.